I am having a hard time. Today is October 25th. I graduate on December 11th.

I realize that graduation means the end of my pseudo-childhood. College is like an inbetweenstage. We’re not yet real adults, but we’re no longer children. We are sheltered within the confines of our university for a semi-solid four years. For that period of time, we get to pretend we’re adults, but we don’t get to truly participate in ‘adulthood’. But soon, that’s coming to a close for me. Soon, I’m going to have to become a real-life adult.

I don’t even truly know what it means to be a ‘real-life’ adult. I can tell you, though, what I think it means to be an adult.

Adults, from what I understand, work. Adults are perpetually tired because of how much they work. Adults are always complaining about taxes and time. Adults always talk about things they should have done. Adults don’t seem to truly enjoy their lives.

When I think about the fact that 1) I’m going to have to enter that population soon and 2) that population isn’t as happy as I would like to be, I get upset. What am I to do? I want to be happy, but I’m growing up and it seems I have no other choice than to fall into the stereotype that my elders set up for me.

I know how naive that makes me sound. I know that this is life for us all. I know this sounds very idealistic and unrealistic. I know very well that I am not the first person to think this way. I just am not sure this is how we should all live our lives.

How are we supposed to find our purpose in life if we’re constantly working? Is our purpose inherently tied to our work? (I truly doubt that). If our purpose is not inherently tied to our work, how are we ever supposed to find that purpose if we’re constantly enveloped by our work?

Are we living to work? If we are, then why? What’s the end goal?
Are we working to live? If we are, then what is the ultimate end goal of our lives? Where did we get fulfillment? When do we feel truly alive?

If these aren’t the answers, then why are we living? Can we find out why we’re each individually on this Earth if we’re caught in the cycle of wake up-work-sleep?

If wake up-work-sleep is the preferable cycle, how do you convince new graduates that this is the cycle they should follow?

It just doesn’t seem fair to any of us