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Who: Liberty University Alumni Association

What: Is planning the spring festival

When: April

Where: on football field

Why: to raise money for library

How: through pledges

The Liberty University Alumni Association has begun making preparations for the spring festival which will be held in April to help raise money for the school’s Jerry Fallwell library.

Whether the baseball team makes it into the playoffs or not will determine the exact date of the festival. Games and contests will be held on the football field and will be a barbeque lunch and exhibition baseball game for festival goers.


Who: Wilbur Straking

What: is leading a group

When: Monday

Where: State capital

Why: because a biology class is teaching evolution

How: By Laura- associate biology professor

Wilbur Straking, pastor of Ever-faithful Church of the Living Water,

A local pastor plans to lead a group of people to the state capital Monday to speak with legislators about the outrage over Liberty University allowing evolution to be taught in its biology class.

“I plan to lead a group of 25 Christians dedicated to the state capital next Monday to speak with legislators about this problem.” Wilbur Straking said. “We believe the teaching of evolution is against the principles of this Christian country, and we want to put a stop to it.”

Neither the professor of the class, Laura Cliff, nor the University President would comment on the group’s charges.


Who: injured citizen Ellie Maston

What: filed a suit

When: at noon

Where: circuit court

Why: because she was injured

How: by slipping in green beans

A shopper injured in Amburn’s Produce Market filed a suit, at circuit court, Tuesday, for $100,000, claiming that because of a can of green beans being left out she fell and broke her hip.

Amburn’s Produce Market is currently being charged with negligence. The initial accident occurred in April.


Who: Company and Union

What: have reached agreement

When: recently


Why: to save jobs and money and prevent rioting

How: reaching an agreement

The strike set for midnight has been called off after the announcement that Ambrose Steel Company and United Steelworkers local 923 have reached a collective bargaining agreement saving production and nearly 500 steelworker’s jobs.

Clyde Parris, the president of Ambrose Steel Company, has alluded to a “substantial wage agreement”. However, the exact terms of the agreement will be announced Wednesday night at a union meeting.

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