It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Apologize to his Supporters, and to President Obama
Sasha Stone

So, I suppose you’d like to also blame Bernie and his supporters for, say, the losses in the House, the Senate, the state legislatures, or state gubernatorial races across the country? These losses cover a LOT more than the presidency.

Oh, and by the way, calling factions of voters ‘insipid little morons’ may…just may.. be part of the reason the Democratic party lost. Weirdly enough, insults, threats, coercion, bullying and attempts at guilt and shame are not extremely effective methods to persuade someone to vote for a candidate, or as noted above, a PARTY.

You have a choice. Either the Sanders supporters were a tiny fraction that they didn’t need and therefore had zero reason to listen to, or they were a significant enough group to impact the outcome of an election, not only of the president, but on every level of government from the Presidency to state legislatures and maybe, just maybe, they were a public voice for something a large portion of the public wanted.

BTW, while blaming the handful of Sanders supporters…maybe take a few seconds to consider, I dunno, the 49 percent of the public who never voted at all, 28 percent of which were registered? Or the 600 THOUSAND registered Democrats who actually voted directly for Trump? (rather than that weird ‘a vote for anyone else is…version). Or perhaps the 90k voters in Michigan who bothered to register, to make time to get to the polls, fill out the ballot and left the slot for President BLANK. Or the 16k who voted for things like Harambe or Hennessey (yes, the liquor). Or maybe the faction in the DNC who actually thought that elevating TRUMP to be the opposition was a great strategy, because he’d be ‘easy to defeat’ in the election, and thereby, directly RAISED the ‘spectre of Trump’ in the first place.

Yes, tell us all about how everyone had to drop EVERY OTHER consideration in the race, and sacrifice their ‘ideals’ for the pragmatism of stopping a candidate to whom the DEMOCRATIC party practically handed the nomination on a silver platter, because getting an ‘easy win’ was more important than the policies Trump was proposing from the beginning of the primary.

Or maybe, just maybe, think about what you can actually control (hint, it isn’t voters, and 600k indicates, not even in your own party), stop insulting potential voters, pick better candidates, clean up your own house (DNC), stop equating dirty politics with pragmatism, and PICK better CANDIDATES.

Then, maybe, you may do better next time.

Or don’t….and continue to lose.