In the future I want to live in another country, for me United States is the best option, this country is better than Mexico, United States has their advantages and disadvantages, their rules, when I was 10 years old, I went there, I felt happy to stay there, I realize that there is better than here, you have liberty and peace, you can walk without thieves, I have seen how is there, maybe in one year and a half I am going to live in United States, this country have their own rules, there you must respect the signals, you must respect traffic lights, you must not say bad words outside, children must to go at school every day, you must not throw the trash in the streets, the environment in United States is cleaner than Guatemala, there is not smoke from cars, in north America United States is the biggest country, all people want to live there, but as always exist possibilities, in this moments I have visa and I am resident from the United States, when I have gone to United States I have a purpose to travel in whatever country I want, for example Germany is almost the best country in Europe, is more expensive but is most beautiful country, you can have all your dreams there. If I can go to any place I prefer to go to United States to have good moments, I do not know what you think of live in other country, but I love others countries, I want to experience something that I never have done, although of rules United States is something amazing.

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