How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization
David Hopkins

Yes, intellectuals have always been persecuted and shoved in lockers. But this intellectual was also a big girl; I didn’t need a teacher to be my slayer of bullies. Attack my nerdiness and you’ll be the one trying to wriggle out of the locker.

It didn’t take too long for word to get around that there was not a boy on campus I could not bodily pick up and remove from the area. Problem solved. Because it’s a lot less fun than persecuting nerds to have your buddies pointing and snickering as a girl tosses you over her shoulder and marches down the hall asking if you’d rather be dropped from the third floor window or thrown down the stairs.
At various times, I dated the captain of the chess club, the captain of the debate team, the president of student council… you don’t really want to admit that it was the nerd’s equally-geeky girlfriend who gave you those bruises.

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