What’s Your Favorite Stress Purchase?
Megan Reynolds

My small-scale one is getting food delivered, which is such an unfortunately justifiable expense that it ends up happening even when I don’t quite have the money for it. Something about not having to put a second’s worth of actual energy into the food until it comes time to actually eat it is very soothing. But this leads to ridiculously overpriced orders from the pizza place because I’ve ordered lots of their mini tubs of ice-cream or something.

The larger-scale one is Etsy/Redbubble stuff. The thing is I usually really want it, but have been putting it off because it’s so completely unnecessary. But then I get stressed and sad and suddenly there’s an $80 Redbubble order of cute printed t-shirts and notebooks on its way to my house. I honestly wish I regretted these more so I would stop doing it, but the stuff is always so cute and I’m always so pleased with it that it keeps happening.