Tuesday Check-in
Megan Reynolds

My weekend cost me basically nothing, except that I tripped on a run on Saturday night and managed to screw up my hand and had to go get it checked on Monday night. So not technically a weekend expense but certainly a weekend-related one. Because I wanted to get it looked at in the evening after work on Monday I couldn’t go to my regular doctor (who only opens 10am-5pm) so I had to pay €60 for the walk-in clinic. They referred me on for a hospital appointment and x-ray and everything but it was a referral so all free, and there turns out to be nothing wrong with my hand. But because I had to take a day off work to get said x-ray, and then there turned out to be nothing wrong, I had most of a day to meander about the city. I tried the new waxing place that opened down the road from me and I have never had better eyebrows (€15, thank you cheap beauty salon gods) and bought probably-unnecessary comfort-food groceries (€19) and picked up some library books I had on order (€0 but I paid in dignity and time because I keep ordering anything that crosses my mind and the library counter staff think I’m crazy).

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