What I Spent on Pop Culture in March
Rae Nudson

This is fascinating, mostly because it’s so completely different to my own approach — also because I am a millennial in a bubble of other millennials and so forgot that people actually pay for not only cable, but a TV on which to watch said cable. I don’t know how this works outside of Ireland, but here if you have a TV — even if all you get is static — you have to pay €160 a year for the privilege in the form of a ‘TV license’, and there is absolutely no way I’m paying that.

My internet bill these days is €55 a month, which I could possibly get for cheaper by shopping around now but when I moved in here I had to go with Virgin as my provider so I didn’t really have a choice. I’m unlikely to switch though, because Virgin/UPC is the fastest provider by far in the city, and I’ll pay whatever I need to to get internet fast enough to stream hockey games and Spotify without ever stuttering. (I grew up in middle-of-nowhere rural Ireland, and for the first 18 years of my life had to click on a Youtube video, pause it, then let it load for a couple of minutes before I could watch.)

Netflix is €7.99 a month and I’m strongly considering getting rid of it because the only thing I’ve watched on it really is Gilmore Girls. I’m just not a big TV person.

Spotify, on the other hand, is €9.99 a month and I hand it over absolutely without question. I play Spotify probably 15–16 hours a day, whether it’s the instrumental ‘focus’ playlists or fun getting-ready music or workout music.

My sort-of-dumb one is an Unlimited Premium pass for the cinema. For €22.80 a month you get to watch as many movies in Cineworld as you like, and even though I don’t always use it to its full potential, I keep it because it’s nice to know that even when I’m absolutely flat broke I have something I can go and do with my evening if I really want to. I’ve had it three years now and it doesn’t pay for itself in monetary terms but definitely does in mental comfort. I like knowing it’s there even if I don’t use it.

I’ve also got €3.50 a month for the NHL app’s premium features, which is a bit silly but I love it anyway, and €12 for supporting various Patreon creators, which I’m not entirely sure I should put here but oh well. Youtube and Tumblr, where I spend most of my free time, don’t cost anything once I have internet, and that’s about it!

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