2nd Interviewee- Philis

Philis is a 77 years old lady who lives in Prestwich, she has a sister. She is a widow; she has a son, and a daughter, Gayna. Because of family problems, she didn't contact with her son many years ago; her daughter is now living in Holland, she comes visit Philis several times a year. On the day I visited, she didn't share about her early life but she shared a lot of her elderly life. She loves watching cricket, reading, traveling and gardening. She is also very active in social activities. She got a nice house and it is full of rabbit decoration everywhere. She told me so much stories of her rabbit collections; she was so happy and exciting when she talked about them.

Below is what she shared with me, I also did a recording which attach it at the end.

Philis: My hands are very old! Can tell somebody age by hands, can’t you? (Laughing)

I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t get takeaway food, I might have three or four meals that in a year and I got a bus card to get anywhere, so, I spend the money in the house, and I haven’t got a computer or fancy phone, so I got a nice house.

Most of the rabbits in my house are presents is funny actually. I don’t know why, I always think about rabbit, I love rabbit and I bought one, and then somebody else and my sister bought me. I found out in Chinese year I am a rabbit, I am the year of rabbit. I saw that picture where was in a garden center, and my daughter said “Oh god, I love it, that was your picture mum” She said buy it. And we find out it was £160, I can’t afford that, so there’s no way. End of my birthday since November, so is only a month before Christmas, she bought me £50 with the garden vouchers. And have a friend, Simon, he bought me £25, my daughter paid the else. And at the end, I bought it, and all I have to pay out is £10. So, yeah! I absolutely love it. I really want it but I said that I am not paying that much; these rabbit is at midnight rabbits standing in the moon. (Rabbit) There are all over the house.

And I get rabbit cards, birthday cards, Christmas cards. I kept well of them, and I framed them all. I have got enough to make an other one, and there are all that cute. Because they all got nice warm tummy and tile watching and some worship and all got funny things on. And that’s got ‘An other bad hair day’, ‘A bad hair day’. They are fabulous, aren't they? I can’t put them away, there was they are too nice to throw away, I have to put them all in a framed. But I got enough to do another frame, I don’t know where is got to go, I don’t want it too low down cause someone knocking it. They are great, aren't they? Some of them are really funny, that one is nice, that’s got ‘You’re gorgeous’, and this one, this one got ‘How many carrot is that?’, they’re absolutely brilliant. There are in different collection, but somebody sent them to me, so, I put them up there. I think I might have bought a couple of those cards myself, other were everybody else bought me.

I like the whole bit of my house; I spend most of the time in the sitting room, because is warmer here than the kitchen. I am out Monday and Tuesday and usually Friday, the fact is the only day I’m staying is Wednesday. I go out once every two weeks with the friend and I will go out for a day, we have to go to the garden center, Bamburght, boundaries or Blackpool, one of the seaside; I go to BINGO once a week to meet all my friends there, we talk all of BINGO. And I occasionally go with a friend to The Lowry at Salford Quays, there’s a shopping Center where they do 70% off on everything, well made shop. And I am in a lot, I sometimes just butt off on my own and bury a day on my own. And the day I really stay in is the Wednesday. I need to keep myself active, I get tired to sit all day than I go out, can walk for miles. I occasionally go to meet Marri, Marri who lives cross the road, I go out for a coffee r she comes over here. I couldn't stay in for the whole day, it will drag me down. Even on Wednesday, I will go out for my paper and coming back to read the paper and do all the cross word and then go to supermarket later on, to Tesco to buy something I need. I go shopping on every Saturday morning with a friend, he picks me up with a car and we go to Morrisons in Whitefield. So, I can do a big shopping and a lot to carry, I can pop-in to the car and don’t need to drag it all back home. I just pop-out for bits most day just to get out, so I don’t buy everything at once during the weekend; it allows me to get out and make me walk.

I used to go away every year, I used to go Cyprus by myself. I actually like and I convened going by myself away; I know sound stupid, but, I can do what I want. If you go with somebody, they will say they want a Chinese meal. You more or less go with them. And you have to more or less follow them. When I am on my own, I can just do what I want. I do a lot of walking and swimming when I’m away. But unfortunately, I’m not been away for the last two years, where every year for 10 years by myself and when I’m in Cyprus, everybody knows me. If I go pass one of the café, they will have said “Come in to have a coffee with us in the house”. They got to know me and even the hotel, I went to the same hotel same year.

When I didn't go, because my sister has cancer and I can’t go to holiday and I have to stay with her. I got texts “Where are you?” all over from Cyprus and they asked why I am not going to Cyprus. I am not being there for 2 years. Cause this year I have to go into the hospital by myself. I am really ready for a holiday. I can’t seem to plan everything, every time I tried to plan something, something else seem to happen. So, I am just wait until everything more or less settled. I have lost a lot of friends, I have lost 5 different friends in the last two months, is a lot to loose and is really upset me and I am not felt like I’m going away or anything, so, will just have to see what happen.

Gayna comes over two or three times a year, so I go out with her when she is over here. She travels a lot and she works hard, she works hard than I was. She has been there for a long time; she has been there (Holland) about 23 years now. We used to go out occasionally with other friends.

My sister is in the year of monkey. I didn't know I was a rabbit until somebody said why do I like rabbit, that must be I am in the year of rabbit, most of the present is my favorite and there are everywhere.

The handmade broken leg rabbit

16:55 That rabbit there, we went in a shop and they’re handmade. We didn't buy there because they were expensive, and we were coming out, my friends bought two cups, and that’s was on the back shelves. Its leg was broken, and I said to her, “How much is that one with the broken leg?”, she said two pound, I said “I will take it and I will mend it”, so its leg was broken. I mended it, I stuck it with glue and she knocked out ten pound off it or something, she said she can’t sell it if only cheaper. So I said I will take it and I feel sorry because she broke its leg, so I saved it and you can’t tell it got a broken leg, but it’s handmade. Everybody told me I’m stupid, why I buy a rabbit with a broken leg? I said I can mend it; nobody knows if I won’t tell. And I just thought, when I saw it, it will look lovely on my fire place. 18:35

A present from Philis’s daughter

My daughter bought me in the Lake District last year. She and her friend saw it in a shop, and they said “That was Philis’s thing.” They ended up buying it. I told everybody not to buy me anymore.

30:14 I’m always doing something, so I’m quite busy, not just sit and do nothing, unless I have to read a book and then you can’t move me. And on the other time I can ignore people is when the cricket on. I love cricket, I watch the test match and everything comes one the television, and I get really annoy when somebody rings me on. When the phone goes when I’m watching the television, I will turn the sound down straight away, so I can hear them and so they can’t hear it in the background. I was watching cricket one night and Gayna rang me, I turned the sound down and she was talking to me, she said “You've got the television on, aren't you?”, “How do you know, I turned the sound down, you can’t know?” I said, “Is Cricket, you aren't listening to me.”, “Oh god, is terrible that. Yes, I have got the cricket on and I will ring you back” I said. That’s awful. I can read my book and still listen to the news, but if there’s cricket on, I don’t listen, I heartless to miss something. I do watch sport, I do like the football and I even watch the ruby, but I love the cricket. I really don’t have a lot of program, there are more sport channels on my tele then anything.

Many of the time, I read my book rather then watch the tele. But I never really just sat here for wondering what to do unless I am really bored. I have always got something to do, and if I have little board, I will find something to do. I do my own pots and baskets, things in the summer, I miss doing my gardening, that’s not much you can do in the winter. 34:30

Philis is a very kind and polite lady, I knew her from last year, she is my friend’s neighbor. Every time I see her, she is so kind to invited me to the house. In the summer, she will show me her pots and baskets, I can see that she is so proud of her garden. From what I heard, she goes out quite a lot to different places and attend activities. She shows that even she is a elderly , it doesn't mean that she has to be antisocial or have nothing to do and stay at home sitting all the day. I can see that she loves and enjoys her life so much, she keeps herself active otherwise she feels bored.

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