My uncle’s mother (87 years old)/ Marigold (85 years old)/ Philis (76 years old)/ Colin (71 years old)

Aging is a problem which cannot avoid when doing a documentary on elderly. AgeUK which is the UK’s largest charity working with older people. They raise awareness of ageing and development in the UK, funds for the development and emergency relief work of Help Age International and Carrying out policy and influencing work in the UK to change policies for older people in low and middle-income countries. A source from AgeUK said that with the numbers of people aged 60 and over set to increase globally from an estimated 931 million today to 1.4 billion by 2030. Aging is a worldwide problem that people cannot ignore and neglect, no matter on the medical side or the personal side of the elderly.

From a report that released by AgeUK, it shows that there are now 11.4 million people aged 65 or over in the UK, 60% of older people in the UK agree that age discrimination exists in the daily lives of older people; 52% of older people agree that those who plan services do not pay enough attention to the
needs of older people; 76% of older people believe the country fails to make good use of the skills and talents of older people.

Nowadays, there are tone of intimidation from the government to non-government organizations, academic research institutions to the community; they did lots of research and investigation to show that aging problem is a serious worldwide social issues that will cause problems on medical system, food shortage and impact on the world economic system. They seems like want to say that elderly is social burden.

A statistics from Office for National Statistics in 2010, there are Over half (51%) of all people aged 75 and over live alone. In this project, on one side is a continue of my last project ‘Evidence’ which is a documentary of my uncle’s mother. On the other hand, it provide a chance for me to go further, go to visit elderly people who is living alone in their own house and understanding more of their lives. By doing a documentary on elderly, I hope people will pay more attention and concern more on them. Also change and reduce the discrimination and the social isolation. Last but not least is to deliver a message, ‘Do not put the elderly as a burden on society; think positive to greet the aging society’.

Everyone will be old , no one is willing to be treated as a burden; try to change the point of view to think about this, for elderly who has been dedication their lifetime to family and community , they deserve to live with dignity and respect in the society instead of suffering with discrimination.

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