Equipment and Software I used

  • Canon 6D
  • 50mm lens (F/1.8)
  • 24–105mm lens
  • 17–40mm lens
  • A flash gun and a flash blender
  • Lightroom
  • Photoshop & Google Nik Collection- plug-ins for Photoshop

Canon 6D

I used Canon 6D to take images in this project. One of the reason is I used this camera from the beginning of year 1, I’m already get used to it. The second reason is I am doing documentary photography in this project, it is better to use something that I familiar as when I am at the scene, I won’t need to use so much time to setup and get know of the equipments. The most important point is I am taking photographs with elderly, I will need to take into consideration of their physical state,I don’t want to take so much of their time.

50mm lens (50mm lens for close up shooting)

50mm lens have visual focal length, what I see in eyes is very similar to what it show in the image, can present a closer feeling in the images. Therefore, it is good for close up shooting. It has shallow depth of field to create hazy effect easily and stronger the intimacy of the images. 50mm lens can capture images in micro-view, persent their elderly’s life in an intimate way.

24–105mm lens and 17–40mm lens

Photos in wide angle

The reason of using telephoto lens is I wanted to record the living environment of the elderly; take wide angle photographs to how’s the interior of their house looks like. This style lends itself well to documentary work and good for interior shoots, as a wide angle lens will produce photos that give the viewer the feeling that they are there immersed in the surrounding of the photograph. Telephoto lens is also well suited for portraiture as it offers the ability and advantage to capture candid photographs with zooms. Like the images below, I captured it will telephoto lens. I won’t be able to use 50mm to take this kind of image, as the sound of the shutter will wake her up.

A flash gun and a flash blender

As I am doing an indoor documentary in elderly’s house, it will be hard to get natural light and usually from my experience, their home is not bright as normal people do. Therefore, there won’t have enough ambient light. Although there is a way that ask them to move or sit closer to the windows, I don’t want to ask them to adapt me, as elderly they don’t walk freely. This is the reason that I took a flash gun and a flash blender with me when I visited them.


I used Lightroom to make the contact sheet.

Photoshop & Google Nik Collection- plug-ins for Photoshop

I used photoshop to edit the image (brightness, contract, tone etc). I also discovered a plug-in software called Google Nik Collection recently. It is a software that provides many complex masks and selections. At this time, I used Analog Efex Pro; it includes filters of classic cameras, films, and lenses. I decided to use this filter is because I want the images present in vintage, like photos from film camera in order to match the theme, elderly. It also provide fine-tune and personalise on the effect to develop my images just the way I like it. Besides, I can have precise control of the images by selectively adding or removing an effect without the need for complicated layers or masks with control points.

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