Week 5 -Study skills

Time management is a very important skill that we are learning and improving every day. Time is limited, but there are many things we want to do and have to be responsible. Learning to use of time can help us to complete the work effectively. In order to be success, a good planning in our daily life will definitely help a lot.

  • Time keeping
  1. “Do the right thing right.”

There are ways of doing things, time will be more than sufficient when we choose the right way. For example, planning ahead; state a personal agenda to suit my plan; pay more attention to small details which I usually ignored or overlooked to reduce time in the workflow significantly.

2. Set goals, think slower, act faster

Goals directs effort to take appropriate action; with a goal to reach, a greater chance of what I want will happen. Do things right at the beginning is a very important principle , it would be better in spend more time in advance to have a careful discussion and planning ,think clearly before start and act towards the goal. Besides, a ‘Things to do list’ and a timetable is a good helping tool, also set up a personal specific deadline to create urgency and finish the work in advance; give more time for myself to review and do a conclusion. Last but not least, double confirm that I know what I am going to do to be more efficient.

3. Overcome procrastination and work skills

Don’t leave things in the last minute, it would be less stressed out and more productive if we could stop procrastinating. In order to achieve it, learn and use efficient work skills will let things done better and faster according to personal capabilities and available resources. First is to keep a good balance between work and play, rest and activity, schedule the activities to fit my daily life, don’t over stresses myself. Organize time efficiently so that I can make the very most of your life.

Time management timetable

To be honest, I am not a person who is good in time management. On one hand, sometimes I can do things on time if I keep monitoring myself, I need to tell myself to be concentrate and fully focus on the work. On the other hand, sometimes I am being lazy to manage the time, as things can always do in tomorrow. In order to manage my time more effectively, I did a timetable to discipline myself on the school work. I filled up the slot that I have classes to attend, then the rest of the time in the weekdays I planned to stay in the library and focus on my research until 4pm, as I can be more focus when doing things in the library. I always have it in my mind, ‘Work hard and play hard’. Although I need to spend most of the day time in University in the weekday, I am a student and I need to treat University like a job, make good use of the time and enjoy my student life. I will relax myself in the weekend and take a good rest to face a new week. Other than that, I will look at the mobile phone calendar before I go to bed every night, it can remind myself of the day and count down in my mind.

  • Organisational skills

I use a physical folder to organize documents and notes that I got from each module, so when I want to find something, it will save time for looking around and easier for me to find what I want. I also created folders in my computer drive to divide different modules and arranged the documents and images in good order, therefore I can work concentrate with a tidy working platform.

  • Research

There are many different types of source for doing research; books, blogs, online resources, journals and newspapers and so on. When we find information and use it to support our own judgement, it is very important that to look and find the sources from academic website or the photographer personal website, as there are more reliable and subtitle for our learning, Solar is a handy tool for researching as well. Besides, don’t limited by the research, pay more attention to the daily life and the world around me, and be more in depth on a subject to avoid overlook of it. By looking at the work from other photographers and artists will also give me more inspiration on my work.

Reflect on analyzing and criticizing an image

When looking at an image, there is a process to break it down to parts in order to understanding the meaning and the message easily.

  • Aesthetics: Look at photography from the perspective of the audience or from the viewpoint of the artist. How the artist bring the emotion to the audience through the art/ image
  • Lighting: Get the right lighting is a very important element in photography; too bright will over-exposed, too dark can’t show anything
  • Subject matter: The main object, the topic or context and the focus point in a picture
  • Composition: An arrangement of parts of a scene to form a particular visual outcome. It aims to direct the viewer to see the point of the photograph. The photographic composition rules: Rule of Thirds, Balancing elements, leading lines, symmetry and patterns, viewpoint,, background, depth, framing, cropping and experimentation
  • Theme: A sequence of images or just a single image with similar subject matter, technical composition, mood and feeling in the images
  • Style: A consistent way of seeing, images which shows personality with enthusiasm

Unpack the image further and deeper with below elements

  • In what context as it taken? Why was it taken? When? Try to think of the situation of the artist when he/she create this work. The reason and motive of how and why the art piece created. Any meaning or message behind it?
  • Technique? What technique was used? Different location and environment need to apply different technique.
  • Was the image shot in a series? A single image or a sequence of images? What’s the reason behind it?
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