My Understanding And Research Of Fake Photograph

Visual illusion

The first thing that pop-out from my mind when I got this theme was visual illusion photos. The most well-known object must be the Leaning Tower of Pisa; people creates special effects by overlapping of foreground and background to create visual illusion.

There are so much visual illusion photos on the internet, as everyone one can create and decide the composition, so it is a very famous technique in photography.

I also did some research based on ‘fake photograph’.


There is a series of combophoto of the American photographer Stephen McMennamy, he takes photos from everyday life and merges the unrelated photos together simply–no fancy filters or Photoshop manipulations, just a mash up of two simple photos to create funny, interesting and quirky results. I really like his work as things that he combined are from daily life, he created interesting art piece with simple objects that provides a ‘Wow’ effect.

Double Exposure

Staged photography- Gregory Crewdson & Jeff Wall

Gregory Crewdson & Jeff Wall they both do staged photography, they recreate cinematic scenes at outdoor or studio sets etc. They use photography to picture sort of imaginary and dystopic world inspired by the reality. Every image looks like real and normal, but actually each detail was fully controlled and had gone through a deep consideration, every details has the reason to existed in the image. They did so many shoot and adjustments to get the prefect image.

Gregory Crewdson

Jeff Wall

Paper cut silhouette put on a real scene

Paper-cut master and photographer Rich McCor, he creates a concept of put a paper cut silhouette on a real scene.

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