Research On Filmic Tropes & Language

Screenshot (Youtube, 2015)

By using a Big Close up on an elderly to present the loneliness. I think it is a very good presentation as it shows a very intimate view of the audience. I will like to add a big close up to my video.

Westmoreland Family by Percy Dean (Percy Dean, 2015)

‘Westmoreland Family’ is a film from Percy Dean. In the video, there is a man talking from the beginning to the end and never show his face. Also, there are many cutaway shots in order to show different frames in different scenes and places to the audience; less than a second in the Transaction.

This film looks plentiful, interesting and makes the viewer want to watch more and more. Moreover, the plenty change of the frames makes 1 minute 47s passed like a second.

This film is a very good example for reference on how to use the cutoff editing skills in a video.

I watched few of Percy Dean’s films and I realized each film has his own style. He used a lot of cutoffs, each frame only display for few seconds. The frames keep changing to present freshness and eventful in the whole film.

Elvira and Me is a documentary from Ciara Leeming. She also produced a video that contained still images, footages and a monolog of Elvira. Ciara Leeming put a short introduction followed by the title of the video at the beginning. It gives a clue to the audience of what this video is about. I am still considering if I am going to include a title in my video as it would be too straight and obvious, and leave no room for the audience to do their own thinking.

Besides, Ciara Leeming also added still images in the video. It allows audience to spend more time on one frame and look at the details of it. I am also going to add some still images in my video in order to show more different perspective to the audience. As my video is an interview and I wanted to focus on the elderly mainly to present her facial expression and also her gesture when she is talking.

Screenshot of Elvira and Me (Ciara Leeming,2014)

Dream Of A Different Life is a video film from Duckrabbit. It is a digital production and training company and they make compelling films and digital media for a range of commercial, charity and broadcast clients. This film is a campaign which works with CGIAR Research Programme, it exposes the working environment and the difficult of living of the people in the Khulna district of Bangladesh. This video was to tell the stories of some of the people that the AAS Research Programme plan to help to achieve greater food security over the next five years.

This film also mixed still images and footages together, also with slow motion as well to show the motion of the people when they are working in the brickfield. And at the end , a sentence was shown and it makes a conclusion of the video. I will like to add a conclusion at the end of my video in order to state out the meaning of the video clearly.

Screenshot of Dream Of A Different Life (Benjamin Chesterton,2013)


Dream Of A Different Life (2013) Screenshot of Dream Of A Different Life [Photograph]

Elvira and Me (2015) Screenshot of Elvira and Me[Photograph]

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niceandserious (2015) Screenshot [Photograph]

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