It takes a lot of time and effort to write them, but they bring in faithful followers who appreciate and care for you and your writing because you keep giving them something of value. That’s priceless and worth infinitely more than thousands of manipulated clicks, for in the end, you get what you give
What Makes a Good Story: The Revelation
Mateja Klaric

Thank you for saying this, Mateja. I post a blog only once a week, and it goes out to my subscribers — all two of them — well, maybe a few more — on Friday morning at 6 am. Like clockwork. One email per week. One story. I don’t have anything to sell, and I don’t give advice or make political commentary, but the value that I’ve identified is providing an escape from selling, advice, and politics. Therefore, I HAVE to have good content (the best that I can,) and I know I can’t provide that any more than weekly. It DOES take a lot of time and effort. My subscriber numbers are growing like grass on a shady hill, but I’m doing what I believe. Priceless, as you said.