That One Thing You Can’t Shut Up About

AKA the thing you love more than anything else in the world.

Photo credit: Andras Barta

He’d only come around for a mortgage consultation. He wore a suit and tie, carried a pile of paperwork summarising our previous meetings, and trailed an air of professionalism behind him. And, honestly, mortgages were what we were supposed to talk about. Maybe a little bit about pensions as well.

Except, to talk about those things, you need to talk about money, and what it gets spent on. A quick analysis of my outgoings since January threw up an anomaly that made his eyebrows rise.

‘Board games? You’ve spent (amount of money redacted) on board games?’ He didn’t know whether to be laugh or scold me.

It’s not a phenomenal amount of money, you understand. Not much at all, compared to the household bills or the mortgage payments. But it was definitely more than he expected to see anyone spend on what he saw as glorified Monopoly, and it took him aback.

I felt the need to justify myself. Which is how I found myself, in the middle of a mortgage consultation, explaining the mechanics of deck-building, demonstrating with a copy of Marvel Legendary. (‘You play as superheroes! You have to defeat the bad guys! It’s awesome!’) Getting across the premise of Pandemic was fun, too. (‘You work for the CDC! You have to save the world! It’s awesome!’)

Honestly, I think I frightened the poor man. He let me witter on at length about my favourite games, a bemused smile on his face, before gently steering me back on to the subject matter at hand.

After he had gone, I allowed myself a fit of the giggles, thinking about the sheer ridiculousness of my behaviour.

That’s when I knew for sure that board games have become A Thing I Love. I know when something has become A Thing I Love when it also becomes A Thing I Talk About A Lot. Or, as others would have it, That Damn Thing She Won’t Shut Up About Already.

I have a friend who got into cycling. She will talk about cycling to anyone who will listen. Give her half a chance and she’ll give you a breakdown of every cycle ride she has gone on in the last month, and the people she went with. Other friends won’t shut up about running, or yoga, or guitar playing. I would make an educated guess that it’s also the driving force behind new parents filling my Facebook feed with pictures of their babies. ‘Look at this! This is amazing! This is the best thing in the world!’

What’s the thing that you can’t shut up about? The thing that’s so awesome you have to tell everybody you meet about it? That thing that fills your life with joy? Figure out what that thing is, and then go do that thing. Tell everybody about that thing. Perhaps it will become The Thing They Love, too.

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