How to Grab Attention and Boost Your Engagement in Social Media!!

Capturing Attention in Social Media

Capturing attention on social media can be overwhelming with the amount of user’s worldwide doing the exact same thing. To capture attention is to use imagery words that pops out when readers are scrolling through their newsfeed on the social media platform. This is important to businesses or individuals marketing themselves for services. This is also important for people to get out an event that is taking place, or important information you feel needs to be out in public. If you don’t capture the audience you are wanting, then your engagement in social media will be minimum (Daugherty & Hoffman, 2014).

The challenges that you may face is the pace on how fast the information is getting out there and is it correct. Word of mouth is the fastest way to boost or lose your business. Social media gains you access to people across the globe.

Here are three simple strategies for gaining viewer attention in social media:

1. Don’t crowd your message with unnecessary visuals. Don’t get me wrong, having visuals is great attention getter, but too many will turn people off.

2. #HASHTAG!!! Hashtag as many phrases as you can after your social media post. The more #hastags, the more ways to grab people’s attention.

3. Use catchy phrases or vivid words when starting your post on social media. People scroll through their feeds and if there is a off the wall title, they are more likely to stop and click on your post (Daugherty & Hoffman, 2014).

Maintaining Engagement in Social Media

Securing engagement in social media is the best way to boost exposure to what you want the world to know about. Securing means staying active in your social media platform. This is very crucial when engaging in social media. With many different business and individuals with similar backgrounds, stay in engage in social media will help keep your name in people’s minds. Like the old saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.” The more you can add to people’s newsfeeds, the more people will remember your name.

Here are Three Strategies to help be effective in maintaining engagement in social media:

1. When there are comments, make sure to reply in a timely manner.

2. Be sure to post daily on another topic similar to the topic you are promoting.

3. Post, Post, Post!!!! If you can post multiple times a day, then it is more likely your name will stick to people.


Photo Credit: by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA

Daugherty, T., & Hoffman, E. (2014). eWOM and the importance of capturing consumer attention within social media. Journal of Marketing Communications, 20(1–2), 82–102. doi:10.1080/13527266.2013.797764

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