Boycott Trump

Karen Geier
3 min readDec 10, 2016

During the election campaign, opponents of Trump were looking for the phrase, the joke, the horrible thing Trump did that would stop the Trump train.

Nothing did.

Trump pulled off a surprise win and now it’s looking more and more like there’s no concerted effort on the part of his opponents to compel electors to change their votes on December 19th so the result will likely stand.

It would probably take a meteor or other Sim City destruction event to stop Trump from being President.

But what if there was a co-ordinated effort to make his tenure as hostile as possible in the one way he’d actually take notice- his comfort and celebrity?

Consider for a moment the non taxable benefits laid on for most Presidents: companies offer to dress them. They are invited to events. They get sent screeners for movies months before they’re in the theatres. People clamor for audiences.

What if no one did?

What if every designer, every director, every person who was in charge of something that’s really attractive to people who actively court being treated in a Princely fashion just said “fuck you?”

It would make Trump’s life absolutely goddamned miserable, that’s what.

A man with “successful businesses” who decides to go into reality TV is not a person who is purely motivated by business and solving problems. They are motivated by easy money and showing up to be photographed at events.

So, don’t invite him.

Treat him like the admitted sexual abuser of women that he is.

Make him a pariah.

Do not fullfill official requests that come to your business.

Let’s face it, everything that people enjoy creatively is made by people who lean left. There is a higher proportion of all the groups he targeted in these professions, and now they have a chance to make their feelings known.

Don’t respond to the White House.

Let him scramble for relevance.

Let him chase people who will validate him.

Consider the kinds of people that would still be interested in being in the President Trump business: The Duck Dynasty people come to mind.

Let him suck his adulation out of people he doesn’t really want to associate with.

Make him pose with people those who had him elected have no respect for.

Make him the White Trash Honky Tonk President who can’t get a ticket to Oh, Hello.

Imagine how goddamned angry it would make him to have entire industries completely turn their back on a President, when it’s a primary reason he sought the position in the first place.

There’s only one way to find out if this would work.

Boycott Trump.

Watch him melt down.

It’s time for moral courage in any way possible.

It’s time to co-ordinate a resistance on the front lines.

It’s not violent.

It’s not in any way illegal.

It’s just a dick move.

He’s the king of the dick move.

Let’s give him a taste of his own medicine



Karen Geier

Writer & Content Strategist. Bylines in @Guardian @SeriousEats @GlobalNews @HuffingtonPost @Splitsider @TheIBang