Twitter Still Can’t Get Security Right

  • Gendered insults (you’re a cunt, etc.)
  • Rape threats
  • Violent threats
  • Threats to come to Toronto to “have a chat” with me
  • Anti-semitic tweets (for example: “Admit you’re Jewish” “Dirty Jew Journalist” etc. (I’m not Jewish and don’t consider myself a “journalist,” but this is immaterial. The intent is these people are issuing antisemitic threats against a person with a surname that is Jewish in origin.)
  • A z-list comedian called me a “pedophile” because I don’t believe in Pizzagate
  • Various threats on the level of “you can be gotten to.”

My account has been suspended as a result of defending myself, and will remain locked for the remainder of the day, because Twitter believes I am a harasser.

Writer & Content Strategist. Bylines in @Guardian @SeriousEats @GlobalNews @HuffingtonPost @Splitsider @TheIBang

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Karen Geier

Karen Geier

Writer & Content Strategist. Bylines in @Guardian @SeriousEats @GlobalNews @HuffingtonPost @Splitsider @TheIBang

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