A Fresh Start

Robin’s Egg Blue-Green

This fall will mark eleven years in our prairie home. One of the main reasons Rick was insistent we build a new house was because of the constant maintenance that was required in our century old Victorian charmer in town. But as expected, after eleven years, even this newer home is requiring updates and replacement parts.

I recently decided it was time for a change in my sun room. Painted a cheery bright green nine years ago, I just thought it would look better in a softer shade — I was looking for that perfect shade of Robin’s egg blue-green. Of course choosing the paint turned out to be the easy part.

It’s hard to believe how much “stuff” is accumulated in a room over nine years. Old knick-knacks and paddy-wacks, wall art I was no longer fond of, a dozen or more pillows all in the wrong shade. As it turns out I hauled a couple of garbage bags of no longer needed items out of that room including the area rug that had certainly seen a better day.

Next I had to move furniture from one side to the other and back again as I painted and trimmed each wall. It took me four days — double my apparently optimistic estimate. I climbed up and down the ladder dozens of time as the ceiling is vaulted and “really, really scary” — requiring not just a step ladder, but the extension ladder as well.

This afternoon I finally wrapped up the painting and got to start putting the room back together again. I liked the color, but what I liked even more? The things I got to put back…. my cozy brown sofa that I chose from Annie’s store, the quilt thrown over the back of it that was a gift from my Grandma Lindberg, the music cabinet on the far wall that sat in my Grandma Carlson’s home, the lantern in the perfect shade that my friend gave to me as a gift, and the table built from an old door, to name just a few of them.

My room needed a fresh start, but I didn’t need to start from scratch. I needed to keep the things that were important — the things with a memory. Once you’ve found those things that make your heart happy, you just need to hold on to them. If you need a fresh start — and everyone does once in a while, get rid of the extra stuff, make sure you fix anything that’s broken, then tenderly care for those important things, those things that will remind you of your past, and help you create your future memories.