The Spirit of Her Morning Dance

I know of a woman who carries a very heavy burden. The nature of the burden has created a battle for her survival. The doctor’s are not privy to a cure. The woman, however, has access to a most powerful medicine.

This is a story about the secrete of her priceless medicine. It has its origins in the magic of lightness. She has engaged the Spirit of the Morning Dance. The day begins with a special fitting of her floral print slippers. Her souls are now enamored with freedom and happiness. This sequence commences the transportation of beauty and grace. As she strolls out of her bedroom, the Nile River awakens. Her nourished feet are in flow with the Morning Dance. Hallways and corridors are guiding post as she arrives at her anticipated destination. She proceeds to exit the portal. A graceful bow, begins the acquisition of her greatest prize. She holds the News Paper close, for now it is apart of her sacred rite. The fresh morning air uplifts her spirits and an inhale of freedom tickles her tender soul. Seeking more nourishment, she walks towards the solid balcony on her porch. The climax of the dance is the gaze from her throne. I enjoy watching this enticing anointment that welcomes the day. Salvation never felt so real. Her expression and smile seems to reveal her knowingness of the majestic air about. She breaths in Morning Glory as she returns to her cozy warm abode.

Her next inspiration is rooted in ritual. You see, the sound of percolating coffee stirs her engine. The precious beans sing a song that praises the deep rich earth. She sips and savors the sacred drink. The taste ignites a natural rise within her being. As the rest of her day begins the morning dance comes to an end.

The best part of her Morning Dance is the revelation of her true nature. It is majestic, it is pure and it unfolds the magic of lightness before my eyes. I have been touched by this beautiful and graceful woman.

May she now rest in peace, power, and love.