Where can I find month-to-month lease apartments?

Karen Huang
Mar 30 · 3 min read

A Small Guide on Where to Look

With more professionals traveling for business or students traveling for summer internships for extended periods, the opportunities for finding a month-to-month rental that suits their needs is challenging. Obviously, a waterbed and free cable ain’t that fun for a couple of months. Nor is paying for a hotel. After a while, the heated pool loses its charm. Many summer interns face the same dilemma — needing somewhere to live over the summer without signing a six to twelve-month lease.

What many are looking for are month-to-month apartments, which is what this guide will walk you through. Here, we will summarize some of the best websites to find apartments with flexible leases, comparing the benefits and drawbacks while offering practical advice.


Airnect is a platform where renters and apartment seekers can connect, specifically for renters that have flexible and furnished spaces. There is no charge for apartment seekers and no listing fee. They have 3000+ listings, mostly in the San Francisco Bay area, with a chat system so both parties can talk terms of rental openly.

Advice: They offer an optional pay service to ensure payments are secure for both parties and a smartphone app to maintain open communication.

Benefits: There is no 20% service fee, compared to other vacation rental websites, for their services. In fact, for travelers, there are no fees at all. Renters pay a small one-time fee to start a chat with an interested guest.

Drawbacks: Airnect mostly offers rentals in Northern California, specifically in the San Francisco Bay area, and some limited locations in other major cities such as Boston, Toronto, and London.

Apartments.com: Apartments and Homes for Rent

Apartments.com: Apartments and Homes for Rent has been in the rental business for a long time — it began in 1992. Most of the listings on this site focus on long-term apartments without furnishings. They also offer sublets for month-to-month rent. You must use a filter, “Short Term,” when doing a search.

Advice: After deciding on a listing, the site has you complete an online form for the renter, who contacts you after reviewing your submission. They suggest applying for several spaces in case the one you’re interested in doesn’t work out.

Benefits: This site has been around forever, with plenty of name recognition. Numerous renters use the site as a first-choice for posting available rentals — listing in most major and not so major cities.

Drawbacks: The site doesn’t have real-time available listings nor online-booking. It is more of a directory. You may find yourself falling in love with listings that haven’t been available in a while.


This site is the go-to space for a variety of needs. On the web, it might as well be the internet’s housing search webpage. Renters and sub-leasers post listings liberally since this service is free and easy to use.

Advice: You can filter any which way or loose — price range, apartment size, square footage, and many other amenities. You can also chose which neighborhoods you want to move into via filters.

Benefits: It’s free and easy to use! For those of you on budgets, this site offers some of the more reasonable listings on the net.

Drawbacks: The site has passed beyond its golden age, and many listings are scams. Because Craigslist doesn’t do any vetting, it’s up to the seekers to research and ensure the authenticity of the renters.

Use Social Media to Find an Apartment

In the last several years, social media sites like Facebook and Reddit have entered the rental listing market, offering channels and groups with listings. Social media may be a better way to find more trustworthy renters; however, it is again up to the seeker to do their research on the listing.

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