Three years in Berlin

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After three years in Berlin working in Tech, I learned to never give up, always start with Why and that it is still a Day One. I escaped my comfort zone lots of times and try to drown the noise around me.


It is three years today since I moved to Germany.
I live in Prenzlauer Berg, a district of Berlin, work with great talents on Zalando campus, host a regular intellectual quiz game with my wife and look forward to the next challenge.

What have I learned?

Never give up!

It may sound trivial, but quite not obvious in action though.
Every time you stumble on a roadblock, find a way to get over it. There is no benefit of going as a rocket through the roof every time something or someone pisses you off. Imagine what the world would look like then. Instead make your best to observe and assess the challenges as a stranger.

There are battles you better drop, conversations you better avoid and nights you better sleep. Be yourself, do not be afraid to fail but become smarter by learning on your own mistakes. And openly share the learnings with those who appreciate not only success stories, but also fairly accepted failures.

Speed matters, many decisions and actions are reversible. Although, it should be easy to fix a bug in a code, it might be extremely complicated to fix a mistake in a personal conversation.

Start with Why

Three years back, I wanted to earn a lot of money, start up a billion-dollar company and travel all the free time (actually all the time). It was all about What. And even achieving that might not be felt as a success. Today I want to keep learning new stuff and invent ways to make people’s lives better. And this is about Why.

So start with Why instead of What when you do self-reflection. This flip will change how people think about you and why they should follow you. It will also make your decisions more clear and consistent.

Keep your Why crystal clear and be devoted to it. Do not sacrifice it for short term achievements, even if they are so attractive. You will gain more in longer term.

It is a Day One

You think we know everything? Bollocks, we know nothing.
The black day when we stop being curious, will make us invention tolerant. We will loose the motivation to explore and opportunities to discover and learn.

We live in a great epoch! Thanks to the Internet, we can communicate incredibly fast and easy with people around the whole world. Or even with things and kindly request them to brew fresh coffee.

But can we do better?

What have I lost?

My comfort zone

Lots of times. And you know what? You can survive without it.

Sometimes it is crucial to have a break and to shelter from everyone: read books, watch movies, play video game console all day long. But the longer you keep the environment unaltered, the more difficult it is to escape and improve continuously.

Noise around me

There is no benefit of wasting your time on someone or something you are not encouraged by.
Genuine friends stay close, no matter what is the distance in miles between you.
Worthy experience and learnings are imprinted on your mind forever.

There is no place for noise anymore.