Who are the faces of #preexistingconditions?

Fred: Taking on #Parkinsons and #cerebralpalsy on the upper-cut bag.

Me + my #asthma.

Teens + their #acne.

My best friend and his to-date-successful fight with #HIV. Another friend was not so lucky.

Everyone with #cancer, including my dad who was taken out by #lymphoma.

My client with #cerebralpalsy and #Parkinsons, who always gave at least 300% in training sessions.

My mom, who was always there for everyone, but was taken out by a mix of #congestiveheartfailure, #diabetes and #hypertension.

My ever-giving assistant coach, who shows up to help others, even when he’s struggling with #epilepsy and #Tourettes.

My scores of fighters who are battling #Parkinsons via #boxing, other #exercise, #pharma, whatever returns them to some sense of normal. They display more courage in battling disease every morning than many 
yes-voting U.S. Representatives may have displayed in their entire lives.

Every mom on the planet.

My many friends who are incapacitated by #migraines, despite searching for every possible solution.

My friend who was shot in the face in a #domesticviolence incident.

Visit the #IAmAPreexistingCondition Twitter feed for more examples that might resonate with you. I only wish more representatives had.

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