I ride BART #1

I’ve decided that I’m going to try and document my BART rides, and see if it’s really as terrible as it seems to be.

Mondays are usually not bad, and this one started off pretty well. I catch the train in Berkeley to head into downtown. Most days, there are several pauses in the tube just before arriving at Embarcadero, but this morning was really smooth. No weirdos, no pauses, a nice 25 minute ride into San Francisco.

The ride home was terrible. I boarded the Richmond train at about 5:15. When I got on, my attention was averted to the back of the car I was in. A gruff looking woman with a very large backpack and plastic charms slapping around as she barreled through to the door yelled, “excuse me I’m giving my seat up to that woman”. She was pointing to a very short, very worried looking Hispanic or Mediterranean woman (I’m not sure) and waited until said woman got her exact seat.

The train hadn’t departed after the customary beep, so I relaxed and let go of the hanging rope I’d hang on to if we were moving. Some time goes by and a hoarse, angry, cutting voice screeches into our car, “This train is now Out of Service please exit the car”

I peered out the window and the crowd on the platform had grown into a mosh pit of grumpy adults. I guiltily stayed near the front of the line knowing I’d have to smash myself into the packed cars like a sardine due to the delay. My train was third in line.

I watched as the crowd moved like a wave crashing gently as tide comes in carrying which blankets of seaweed. The bulbs bob back and forth as the waves move forward and then retreat.

This is San Francisco. Tech mecca of the world and we can’t get Bart to run on time, to run without equipment problems, to run without police activity, and every other problem they come up with.

Let’s see how bad it gets this week. It’s only Monday.