I ride Bart #3

This morning was a pleasant ride. I caught the train on time that directly goes to SF/Milbrae. I got on in the third position, and there was plenty of space for me to lean against one of the areas designated for disabled people. It’s been really warm the past few days, which changes the mood on BART in the mornings. People are generally happier. At Oakland City Center/12th street, a man boarded who reminded me of Cee Lo Green. Short, stout, and fabulous. He was wearing a midnight blue sateen dress suit with gold jewelry and the darkest, va va voom shades. He positioned himself in the doorway, and held on to one of the poles right next to the door. BART rides usually result in passengers swaying and jerking with each sway and jerk of the train, so I didn’t notice he was dancing. He was dancing with the pole. Or stretching, stretching is also a possibility. He was twirling and coming back to the pole, squatting, turning around, stretching to the left, stretching to the right, and snapping his fingers. He continued to do this all the way to embarcadero. When the doors open, he yelled, “Hey!” and sashayed toward the escalators. Good morning!

On the way home, I boarded the Richmond train on time with no issues. When we got to embarcadero, however, there seemed to be some delays so a massive group of people smashed themselves into the car which meant they were smashing themselves into my personal space too. A kind looking man poked his head over to the woman sitting down right in front of me, and asked her if she would kindly let a woman with a cane sit down since “the other assholes in the designated give-up-your-seat-area” were ignoring him. She complied, and everyone smiled. We stayed paused at embarcadero for a few minutes, when abruptly we heard a man with an accent by the doors yell “Come on dude! That was rude!…..YOU are rude! Asshole!”

I was surrounded by ladies, who exchanged glances with me and we rolled our eyes. I muttered, “I’m glad I’m smashed in over here, sheesh”. A man behind us groaned, “It’s always two dudes, I’m glad I’m by you ladies too”.

Things were quiet the next few steps until I got to my own. I said excuse me as I prepared to exit, and the woman standing in front of — who literally had a few feet next to her to move out of my path — stood indignant. Rolling her eyes, she said I’ll move when the train stops. ONE second later, she moved and I pushed my way through. “Bitch!” I heard behind me, and I just took a deep breath and exhaled leaving the negative energy behind me.

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