I ride Bart #7

This morning, my ride into the city was seamless. This evening, however, this woman in her 50s, wearing sunglasses, and chewing her gum at an incredible pace with her mouth wide open stood right next to me. I kept pointing out open seats and more room to her hoping she would move but for the entire ride, she stayed right next to my ear. It’s the most disgusting noise hearing someone chewing and smacking their gum. What’s worse, she had a cold. So mid chewing she would clear her throat and swallow. It was torture. Sitting down in front of me, another woman was wearing a wooly black sweater with tufts of fluff coming off. She spent the entire ride picking off the tufts and amassing a bigger fluff in her hand. Her hand froze up, though. She raised her arm straight up — into my face — and wiggled her fingers hoping the cramp would subside. This evening was gross.

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