I, Racist
John Metta

I want to thank you for saying something so difficult to say. I used to be a white person who would claim to be “tired” of hearing the horrors that befell black people. I used to think that slavery is in the past so why do people keep bringing it up…but as I grew up and became an intelligent (I hope so anyway) adult I began to realize that the reason slavery is still talked about is because it set a FOUNDATION. I think of it now the way people think about abuse. If you were an abused child growing up, that abuse became the tone of your life and those actions taken by the abuser hold you back in certain ways and disadvantage you in others; you have THAT much more to overcome.

We have to talk about racism because if we don’t it will not get better; pretending it didn’t happen will only keep it around.

Loved this article.

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