Crying in Uvalde Texas

For angels lost

Cheering in Houston Texas

For Guns

Remembering 19 fourth graders

With Cherubic LatinX faces

Clapping at NRA Convention

For Right to Own Instruments of Death

Dying of Broken Hearts

In Spouses, Brothers, Sisters, Parents

Purchasing Guns and Gear

To Murder Innocents (not rabbits with an AR-15)

Delivering Eulogies in Churches

For their Souls to Rest in Peace

Screaming Autocrat

For Mental Health and Security in Schools

Chanting Protestors

For No more Prayers

Speeding Trucks to Walmart

To Stock Ammo

Working in Congress

For Compromise

Pledging Allegiance

To Zealotry and Idolatry

Sharing Feelings

Among Traumatized Teens in Chicago

Singing the National Anthem

For the United States of Dystopia

© 2022 Karen Levi





I retired from my longstanding career in 2012. I have been writing ever since. I have published three books, two memoirs and one novel.