John DeVore

I am sickened to the bone from reading this. The only problem I see with men is that they don’t support each other in the way that women do. Too many men like this author out there who feel the necessity to tear other men down in order to feel worthy themselves.

John, have you ever considered that if your goal is to bring more harmony to society and reduce the number of dysfunctional people around some uplifting words to your fellow men might do the job a bit better than telling those who are already downtrodden that they are unworthy of any empathy and compassion? What you are writing here is nothing new. This is what men see every day in the media. Not being a man myself but having a degreee of empathy I feel for men who have to endure this degradation every day. And I am not surprised that we are beginning to see the consequences: Men killing themselves in ever greater numbers and checking out of society.

Isn’t it time we put a stop to this???

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