My Story

How do you tell a story about yourself when you are a very private person? I’m so used to listening to other people talk about themselves.

I grew up an army brat. So I was forced to make new friends every few years and leave the old ones behind. Being a painfully shy child, it was pure torture for me. Being one of seven it helped somewhat to hang with my siblings…We kind of ruled the neighborhood…Always organizing games like red rover, kickball, dodgeball, roofball…you know all the games that are extinct. Which btw, I think is so sad.

Anyway, that was so long ago. I am 56 years young now and I do believe all that torture of having to make new friends so often helped me to be a more open person when it comes to accepting different personalities…Since I was exposed to so many varieties during my formative years.

I love meeting new people now! Even better I love ‘connecting’ with new people.

😍I complimented a woman (a total stranger that I just met) yesterday on her necklace.

She softened as she gently rubbed the charm attached to the necklace and she shared with me that the writing on it was a line from a poem that her deceased son (at age 23) had written. She wears it close to her heart. She says it makes her feel close to him.

And on the reverse side was his signature. It was all in his handwriting. What a thoughtful gift to give someone.

You just never know what stories people have to share.

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