Trickle-Down Health Care: How We Could Actually Fix The US Health System
Shane Snow

As if technology, testing and drugs could magically magically make people healthier. But what does make people healthier is minimally processed, high nutrient organically grown food, clean air, clean water, sufficient exercise and low stress lives. All those tests you recommend just detect when systems already have something wrong. And your rewards to people for getting their bodies bombarded with radiation every year will exacerbate the problem 20 years down the road when those radiation induced illnesses come home to roost. Then there’s the military comparison. The US spends more on it’s military every year than the next 8 highest spending countries combined.

But I do agree we’ve got to get the middle men out of health care and get a national system that works. And despite some fraud issues, Medicare for all would be the most efficient way to go. The system is already in place, health care providers are already familiar with it and the private insurance industry gets a stake in the game with Advantage plans and supplements. The 20% co-pay gives people incentive to take care of themselves to cut their out of pocket expenses and with Medicare for all automatic enrollment, no one goes uninsured. I would add dental care to the mix because the evidence shows that good dental health goes hand in hand with good physical health.

The Medicare system is tried and tested, it will be easy to scale up and our quickest path to covering all Americas.

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