And haven’t we been doing well, on the whole?
Douglas Milnes

Good question.

I want to change our working definition of the human being/human brain to reflect biological accuracy and so we can develop methods of parenting, teaching, and interacting more conducive to mental health, equality, and equitable and efficient community and political organizations.

Relying upon inherited definitions of what a human is from religion and psychology gives all the power and authority for decision making to a few people who have low accountability. Hoarding and squandering resources is going to happen in authoritarian based organizational systems.

If we maximize mental health and minimize mental illness with brain healthy teaching and parenting practices, we elevate the odds for individuals to grow up with healthy brains capable of problem solving for the world’s problems. We also minimize the chance authoritarian leaders in our homes, classrooms, workplaces, and governments can abuse power, hoard resources, and/or bully.