What you describe is the antithesis of humanity.
The American Philosopher

I can see how you would misconstrue what I am suggesting to come up with the robot idea, but it’s actually the opposite.

When we are forced to be slaves to behavioral and emotional norms as decided upon by psychological theorists or religious leaders and then punished or shamed when we don’t comply adequately, then we become automatons. We learn how to respond robotically so we won’t be reprimanded or humiliated. We learn how to understand ourselves strictly in terms of how we make sense to authorities or to ideologies. That is the condition I want no part of any more.

The scary thing about religious, spiritual, and wisdom based ideologies grounded in ideal norms rather than biology is they convince us they are giving us the freedom to be better humans when in reality they are violating our own sovereignty over our personal nervous systems.

I believe this condition is why 1 in 5 people suffer a mental illness each year.

In addition, all ideologies thus far have been developed and created in response to authoritarian ways of understanding human individual and human groups. To create egalitarian human groups, we need to re-evaluate and redefine our systems of organizing ourselves in groups.