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I have been a democrat since birth you might say, born into it and choosing it as an adult. What I notice of many of my fellow social justice, yoga taking liberals is that they are all about rescuing those in need. When they self-appoint as rescuers, they believe they can take on a condescending air with those who do not agree with them. Democrats often believe all people deserve equal respect, except for those who do not share their values.

Liberal democrats speak of Trump supporters with disdain and disgust. They rarely take the time, like you have, to try and understand the perspective of those who have different values. Ironically, those of different values are often the groups of people the liberal democrats are trying to ‘rescue.’ To me, this is a very odd state of affairs.

The older I get the more I believe nobody wants to be rescued. They want the playing field to be equal. We all have our own unique idea for how this can happen, thus differences of opinion.

I find you essay refreshing because it is about understanding rather than trashing a perspective.

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