Judy, Karen
Ira David Socol

How to Protect Students From Our Religious/Cultural Belief Systems

Ira David Socol, I just saw your response. I am devoting the whole second half of my career to developing a theory of personality that will protect developing children from being forced to manipulate their perceptions, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions so they can exist in compliance with the adult authority in the room.

I’m not sure what you interpreted in my writing to make you think I believe kids owe adults. Everything I write is exactly the opposite.

I became an atheist at age 50 and have become hyper aware of how strongly teacher belief systems impact developing brains to try and convert those brains to align with their belief systems. I am not a fan of any existing western or eastern belief system because I believe they all perpetuate authority based ways of organizing human beings.

Authority based systems of organization say you are either in compliance with the authority or the standards set by the authority or not. When you are not, you must improve yourself until you do. Eastern and western traditions have different ways of telling people how to improve themselves and different standards, but both strive to get people to comply with their dictates.

I believe if we have an accurate ability to understand the needs of the brain, we will understand why one brain loves to have other brains believe what it does. Our brain becomes terribly uncomfortable, defensive, and threatened when its belief systems are challenged or disregarded. We can’t ever make the brain stop being an organ of paranoia and defensiveness. So how do we organize our human groups to take into consideration how paranoid our brains are?

How can we train teachers to understand and manage their own personal paranoia, their own personal attachment to their beliefs, and their own reactivity when their beliefs are challenged? We cannot do it unless we openly discuss our brain as an organ bound by certain biological functions.

At the moment, our religious and psychological theories are causing us to think about our own brain activity in ways that are punitive and disorder based. These theories, in my opinion, are one of the main reasons 1 in 5 people suffer mental illness each year.

At the very least we owe it to our children to stop treating them in ways that lead to mental illness. Statistics say we are far from such a goal. I want to expose the brain for what it is and what it needs so we can optimally care for it the way we do all our other organs.

Hope this clarifies better where I am coming from.