Karen Kilbane
Jun 12, 2017 · 1 min read

Mike, because I enjoy your poetry and writing, I have come to know you are a Veteran. If you have a group of 30 kids, maybe 1 of them could cut it in the military. A very small percentage of individuals have the toughness to be warriors, and you are among that small percentage.

When you look through the lens of your aptitudes and abilities, few from any generation could measure up. I imagine you would have developed into a warrior regardless of how you were parented, so there’s that.

Also, I’m sure the generation above you said the same things about your generation you are saying about the generation under you. I was born in 1961. Adults said we were soft, watched too much TV, didn’t go outside enough, had too much structure and help from our parents. With no sense of irony my generation is saying the exact same things about those under us. There is evidence of older generations criticizing young kids of being too soft going way, way back.

But this makes sense. The older you get, the more you competencies you have under your belt. Young, inexperienced kids seem softer as you gain knowledge, skills, and experience. We cannot see the world from anything else than our perspective and as people age they have less and less tolerance for inexperienced youths.

Times are also constantly changing. Children today will face much different conditions than you did. Along with this, we keep learning more and more about child development and brain development. Changes in parenting reflect these changes.

Karen Kilbane

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My students with special needs have led me to develop a hypothesis for a brain-compatible theory of personality. Reach me at karenkilbane1234@gmail.com

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