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Our current psychological working definitions and theories of the human personality and behavior REQUIRE abuse of power to be applied. This true in families, schools, and any other human organization.

Our psychological theories are based upon how to recognize and exploit the vulnerabilities of people and can be used by any authority figure to do so.

The terms narcissism and ego are vague, imprecise terms that can only be officially assigned to one human being by another human being who has more power and authority.

Case in point, Glies, the ‘victim’ of Buddhafield, is now going on to exploit others by promoting naturopathy, a field that preys on people’s fears with pseudoscientific claims and convinces people they need to be nurtured like children in order to receive proper health care.

We need to start from scratch in order to develop new theories of the human personality and behavior, theories that allow true equality, and theories that inform people how to protect themselves from exploitation. Current psychological theories lead us to believe we need a parent figure throughout our lives to guide us because we are too fragile, too impacted by childhood trauma, and too confused by our unconscious to make optimal decisions for ourselves. Until we change this exploitative narrative, we will never reduce the number of people exploited by enticing religious, spiritual, and/or pseudoscientific promises of health and happiness.

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