I Mother No One
Tre L. Loadholt

This piece is deeply moving, Tre L. Loadholt. Somehow you have articulated things impossible to articulate. Your words give me strength as a mother and as a daughter. Thank you for this.

Last year I wrote a Mother’s Day poem for Poet’s Unlimited here on Medium. The poem was written for those who nurture, and it makes me think of you.

If You Have Ever…

If you have ever ever loved or cared for,
Come in.

If you have ever cried for another’s pain,
Come in.

If you have ever smiled for another’s joy,
Come in.

If you have ever 
Or Healed,
Come in.

If you have ever given more than you were able to give,
Come in.

If it is safe and warm where you are
Because you are there,
Come in.

Come in close so we can give you these gifts from the children:
The shine in their eyes,
The rose in their cheeks,
The bounce in their step,
And the dance in their feet.

Happy Mother’s Day one and all,

-kk 5/16