Karen Kilbane
Sep 6, 2019 · 1 min read

Tre, I was born and bred in the northern industrial part of America near Cleveland, Ohio. I keep getting kicked farther north and am now in the Seattle area but my greatest hope is to end up in a warmer climate such as you have in NC.

My sister relocated to Charlotte, NC many years ago. She is a doctor and cried bitterly at the end of medical school when her placement for residency ended up to be Charlotte. Her disappointment at not getting any of the northern cities she favored was hard for us to witness because she was so despondent. But she soldiered on and sadly moved to Charlotte, cheered only by the fact her predicament was temporary.

Well, twenty years later she has never looked back. She LOVES Charlotte. We constantly cajole her to move closer to us, but she has become a North Carolinian. She wants my daughter Keara to work in her pediatric office when Keara graduates, so who knows, we may end up Carolinians as well. If so, I will be contacting you to meet at Mama Zoe’s!!!

Karen Kilbane

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My students with special needs have led me to develop a hypothesis for a brain-compatible theory of personality. Reach me at karenkilbane1234@gmail.com

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