This was interesting ..
A Ennis

You make some excellent point about how we keep people down. However, what if you were to question your belief that “America is filled with failing humans that reflect the failing state and unfortunately those humans are also the ones that are most likely to support the state because they don’t want to look at their moral and mental and emotional failings as a human being. So they offer blind devotion and loyalty to a system that has created them.”

What if you were to determine such beliefs are ones you have inherited from authoritarian inspired belief systems, systems that have long defined human from the point of view of their emotional, behavioral, intellectual, and moral weaknesses as opposed to defining humans simply as individuals with brains who are making sense of information in the ways that make sense to them.

Authoritarian belief systems, whether religious, spiritual, political psychological, or philosophical have pathologized most every aspect of what it means to be human, thus, we keep ourselves and each other chained to a narrative of human inadequacy instead of creating a narrative of human equality.