Why I Teach Poetry to My Autistic Students
Chris Martin

You use how your students order and understand information as your guide for how to motivate and excite them to learn new information.

My passion is to develop a biological theory of personality that will serve as a guide for all teachers so they will teach just like you are.

Each human being can only think how they are able to think due to how they are able to sense and interpret information and then form conclusions about that information. If we adopt a theory of personality that states each child is continuously ordering and understanding information in ways that make sense to his uniquely integrated sensory, motor, and nervous systems, teaching will become the science of figuring out how each child is able to think.

Our current psychological theories of personality are fixated on forcing students to pay attention and behave in specific ways. A biologically accurate theory of personality would focus on understanding and then harnessing the power of each student’s cognitive capacities, like you have, to guide his or her learning. You are clearly consistently harnessing the capacities of your students’ brains, the only consistently reliable recipe for student success.