How to Write Effectively — and Iteratively — with Social Media
an xiao mina

Further question: How do words and content build community? And how does that differ in the digital vs physical realms? IRL, conversation is a cornerstone of human connection and community, but in the digital sphere we are still figuring out an ideal UX. The most culturally lauded UIs imitate real life — there’s almost no technical lag that reminds us the digital is indeed another world. Conversational platforms like Medium and Twitter are dissolving the barriers by reducing or all but eliminating the digital lag, ultimately bridging the digital and physical realms. From a user perspective, however, I still observe that people still prefer to take their most intimate and honest conversations offline, even if sparked by a post on a social platform. When I asked why, users responded that they worry about the preservation of their online personalities, almost as if it was a dual personality we want to separate from our IRL selves and conversations. UX trends are increasingly blurring the lines between digital and physical, but human behavior may be slower to change — hence the perhaps lower than expected “engagement” metrics on these platforms.

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