Of course, the pair that you need to grow would depend upon the your gender. But make no mistake, if you are an American, you must grow a pair. Stat.

Because for decades now we have allowed our government to become the power-hungry demagogues that now govern this country. They brazenly lie to us daily, relying on the fact that we will do nothing.

The current administration knows their audience well and uses tried-and-true tactics to keep us off our game. They inundate us with shiny objects that keep us looking in one direction while lie to us daily while they go about the business of destroying everything good about our country. And why wouldn’t they? We do nothing to stop them.

They know that if they repeat something often enough (“fake news” is a perfect example) it will begin to take hold. The most recent, and the most damaging item from their playbook is undermining our trust in our judicial system. They are on a mission to make certain that if Robert Moeller’s team finds anything illegal or improper on the part of the Trump campaign and/or administration then it is because they are incompetent. They are crooked. They are closet Hilary supporters. And we allow it.

So as hard and distasteful as it is to do so, it is time that we collectively grow a pair. Past time. We need to roll up our sleeves and stop them from morphing this country in to a dirty, sullied shadow of the shining city upon the hill. We must let them know that WE ARE HERE. WE ARE WATCHING. AND WE WILL ACT. Nothing scares them more than an activated and motivated public.

As much as I am disgusted with the spineless anemics that call themselves the Democratic Party, right now they are our only tool. (Tool…very descriptive in this case.) For the midterm elections, we must take the House and Senate away from the Republicans. Or as I like to call them…the midterm eJections.

We don’t have the time to wait until the 2020 elections. When we look at how much damage has occurred in 2017, to our international identity, to our trust in our government and in each other, I am terrified to think how much damage can be done between now and 2020.

If we take back both houses of Congress it will accomplish the following essential tasks:

1) It puts a road block in front of Donald Trump and his horror show of an administration.

2) It tells the rest of the world that yes, the US has had a temporary glitch in the system. But we, the people, are the heart and soul of this country, not the tweeting gasbags you see before you now. So it asks the world to hold that thought….

3) It reminds the gasbags, on both sides of the aisle, that WE RUN THE SHOW HERE. You are OUR EMPLOYEES. And we can and will FIRE YOU if you are not doing what is right for this country as a whole. Not just for a few.

Very soon be will again be assaulted by Russia’s interference in our election process. We must be ready for it and not allow a foreign power to alter our course.

And we need to get busy and get activated. Our country has come too far, at great cost to those who came before us, to allow this assault on the best parts of us to continue. We need to wake up and show them what happens when you poke a sleeping bear.

And then we will turn our attention to the 2020 elections and make sure the gasbags know that we are STILL OUT HERE. STILL WATCHING AND LISTENING. And still prepared to drain the entire swap if necessary.

Maybe I went too far. Maybe we don’t actually have to grow a pair. Maybe we just need to remind the gasbags that we have a pair…and aren’t afraid to us them.

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