Meet Oodi: an easier way to hire your next agency

Karen Parisi
Aug 29, 2017 · 3 min read

As some of you may know, I’ve been working on a new startup this past year and I’m happy to say, we’ve launched in beta in June! Meet Oodi — a new end-to-end marketing solution for comparing, purchasing, and managing marketing services from best-in-class agencies.

The concept of Oodi came from my days as a Marketing Director. When I was ready to hire a new marketing agency, I wasted a great deal of time on proposal gathering, pitching, price negotiation, and the back-and-forth that we’ve come to accept as part of the process. The relationship took weeks (if not months) to begin. Once it did start, keeping projects on track was often hit or miss. It was clear what delayed the process:

  1. Lack of transparency during the buying process: It was difficult to get quick insight into the approach each agency took towards a specific service. It was even more difficult to get clear pricing and deliverable expectations. Additionally, the terminology used varied from agency to agency making it even more confusing.
  2. Poor communication and project management: When I found the right agency, projects would begin on the right path, but would often veer into unwanted directions when meetings weren’t documented well or both sides weren’t clear on next steps.

As such, Oodi was born. Through online stores, Oodi agencies sell best-practice marketing services from strategy development to web design directly on the marketplace. Marketers gain visibility into what matters most when finding a new agency — budget, timeline, deliverables, agency approach, location, and more.

With all the details at your fingertips, you could decide on your new partner without even having to pick up the phone. But for those who have questions, you can quickly contact your new agency on Oodi to see if the selected package is right for you.

Once you start a new job request and begin your project, you can manage all aspects of the service from milestone delivery to payment directly on Oodi. OodiPay keeps your marketing investment safe until your agency delivers.

So, if you’re a marketing or business professional looking for a new agency to hire, speed up the process by starting your job request on Oodi. Check out some competitive, transparent, and best-practice packages built by our expert agencies below:

  • Need a brand refresh? These agencies will help you define your brand strategy and much more:
  • Need help implementing and defining your marketing analytics? Check out these comprehensive packages to get you up and running:
  • Need to develop personas? Get insight into your ideal customer through research-backed persona packages:
  • Need to completely re-do your website? These agencies will help you build a website that shows results:

If you aren’t ready to start your next marketing initiative, follow us on our journey to modernize, accelerate, and simplify the way marketing services are bought, sold, and managed.

Karen Parisi

Written by

CEO, entrepreneur, and marketer who loves everything about marketing. I co-founded Oodi to make marketing easier and more productive for brands and agencies.

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