Not wanting to risk the fabric of who you are — pretty fascinating.
Ethan Levy

Ethan, your words moved me a lot. I am going to keep this with me forever:

“My hope for you is that you can find ways where it is ok to fall, because the ground is not rough. The ground is soft & warm. And in that way, that fear lessens along with the pain. All about evaluating risk and only taking those that are the right mix between comfort and growth.”

I felt so comforted by those words, that wish. It’s something I never considered before. How can I create an environment in my life where falling is more safe, the ground is soft & warm. I really love that idea. I will be putting a lot of thought into how I can make that happen. I have a feeling that good friends will be a big part of the answer…something I’ve been so careful not to cultivate in my life. What an interesting place to be!

As always, thank you for taking time to respond.

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