Day87 — Meditation Mountain
Ethan Levy

Great post, Ethan! I love meditation, especially when walking outside, and enjoyed reading your post about its value to you. Complete solitude in the woods has helped me feel balanced and focused. In fact, I walked on a mountain daily in CA back in 2013 to find balance and for two years leading up to this past August, I walked outside daily when we were down in NC. Then in September of last year, I added a daily mantra to start off my walk. The act of repeating a positive message to myself daily about who I am — even if I didn’t always feel like I was those things — created a hugely positive energy flow inside of me. I ended my mantra with five minutes of gratitude. It was during this time that I came up with Plan Do Grow. I was feeling pretty excited at the time, then my mom asked me an important question: “How do you know this will last, how do you make it last?” What do you think? How do you make habits last when other things in life take over? Especially when there are so many that are good for you: exercise, eating well, journaling, meditation, time alone, etc.

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