To pee or not to pee….that is the question

With an almost two year old readily showing signs for toilet training this is the question I have found myself asking lately.

I get that she is ready, but am I? Another step in my baby growing up. Another milestone reached and another chapter closed.

Sentimentality aside am I also ready for a week of being stuck indoors with a nude toddler running about the place weeing and pooping on the new tiles to her hearts content should I happen to take my eye off her for a split second? Don’t get me wrong, she loves sitting on the loo but that doesn't mean to say that the minute you leave her bare-arsed and unattended that she wont go for a wee in the living room shouting ‘oh-oh’ while she soaks everything within a mile radius.

I have all the gear bought — informative books (for me and her) a potty and even a wee ladder toilet seat yoke which she thinks is great craic altogether. Seriously, all the toys in the world and this girl of mine could spend hours on end climbing onto that seat, “pretending” to go to the toilet and then grabbing enough loo roll to make an Andrex puppy jealous before “pretend” wiping. Who knew that make-believe shitting could be so much fun?

I am putting off the inevitable.I just need to take the leap of faith, book the days off work and get stuck in so to speak. So forgive me if I am the only woman in Ireland praying for shite (pun intended) weather for a few days while I tackle the slightly edited version of Shakespeare's most famous line.