Donald Trump, Master Seducer

I, for one, am not seduced and never was. Nor was my husband. He saw him as a bloviating blowhard who is all about himself right from the start. I was amused at first by his deliberate rejection of political correctness, but never had any intention of voting for him. I WILL NOT VOTE FOR HIM. The establishment GOP will NOT badger this delegate into casting a vote for Trump. I simply will not. But then, I am also a college professor, former high school teacher, who refused to go along with the group think that is being forced on our population — -I say “forced,” because it is totally contrary to the way we ought to be, but the population was gone along quite willingly, if unknowingly. You are absolutely right about the seduction angle. But there is more to it than that. 100 years ago, Trump would have been laughed off the stage, and there wouldn’t have been a tenth of the voters who would have even considered him. Today the people have been trained — using Pavlov, Skinner, and Bloom strategies, among others, to think and behave in certain ways — ways directed by the left. The behavior of the masses is programmed, and even though people know in their hearts that Trump is the wrong person for President, they vote for him because it is in their programming to respond in certain ways to certain words and phrases. Currently the phrase going around is “unity.” “The GOP must unite if we are going to beat Hillary, “and “anyone is better than Hillary.” Not necessarily so. After all, when it was Romney, they said, “Romney would be way better than Obama. That would have been true, but it wasn’t intended to elect Romney. It was intended to get the Republicans to unite behind a candidate doomed to fail. And you see how well that worked. The word unity is a trigger word that has been used for decades to convince people to do something that is totally against their personal beliefs for the sake of the group. It is Hitler style Group think, it is collectivism, it is the absence of personal responsibility, it is socialism — -and it will end in Tyranny, and we are on that road. We have been for a long time. Occasionally, as in the days of Reagan, we have taken long detours, but always, as the left has planned and as our schools have directed, we have eventually gotten back on the planned path. In fact they even use the word “planning.” We cannot settle for a detour this time around. Trump might actually even be a slight detour because he seems to be good at business scams and making deals, but we must get off that road, turn about and go back, and get America back on the road to independence that our founders intended. It’s a long haul, and it won’t happen overnight or in one or two election cycles. The left assumed it would take 100 years to turn America into another European styled socialist state, and they were right. We are almost there. Only by waking up and seeing what they intended, can we turn it back.

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