The Greatness Challenge: A Manifesto for Visionaries

All my life I’ve been a visionary trailblazer. Long before I even knew the path I was to take I was already on it. It’s where I find myself once again and a path you are on with me. But it’s a path to Greatness and a Challenge to answer the call of The Greatness Challenge.

I’ll be releasing my book “The Greatness Challenge: A manifesto for visionaries” in April of 2017. Below is an excerpt that I’ve made available exclusively on Thrive to celebrate joining this amazing platform.

Fake news is the norm. Inexperience in serving the public is forgiven in exchange for promised business prowess. Cherished institutions are being eviscerated or silenced, protesting companies are targeted for boycott, opponents and whistle blowers are ridiculed, journalists bullied, freedom of speech threatened, our right to protest and gather endangered, and impending massive deportation hangs over us all. Misogyeny, racism, bigotry, and hate crimes are on the rise again. All because of cancerous greed — for money, adulation and “power over” the rest of us. Worst of all, a lack of commitment to something bigger for the longer term based on facts and science as well as intuition is over. On top of our patriarchal shenanigans, our natural resources are decaying. Scientists warn us that we are on the path towards extinction as our ecosystems suffer accelerated destruction.

Not to worry.

We are right on time.

We are on the verge of a process of renewal.

All processes of nature are forcing us to spring forward from hardship and uncertainty into a greater future. The big challenge for all of us is putting Greatness, a “New Age” meme, into real time.

Spiraling forward in our personal and planetary development (just like adolescence or the midlife renewal process), we must accomplish required developmental tasks if we are to move through the sequential stages of our life course — our time here on earth.

Our world is undergoing a major cleanup. A major tug of war encompasses the globe. As always, it’s about power and control over resources, peoples, and landmass. Pushed past its natural limits, our planet, and life as we know it, is destined to break down. Self-correcting, the earth always jumps into the next phase of her development. If we move quickly to take collaborative action, we will move from breakdown into breakthrough in the U.S.A and around the world, as well as to preserve Mother Earth. Best hurry or we could very well morph into something we never intended. And certainly don’t want.

We are being asked to meet The Greatness Challenge.

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Karen Sands, leading GeroFuturist, is the author of 11 books including recently released, “The Ageless Way: Illuminating the New Story of Our AGE”.